The Memefication of AR

May 5, 2019 • Written by Cristina Takoa

As with any other marketing medium, the Camera revolves around context, content, and being part of the conversation with your consumers. Pop culture events are pivotal moments where you can engage in a conversation with your audience.

GIFs [Memes] are the Legos of Visual Communication

– Alex Chung (CEO, Giphy)


Memes, in particular, are made for the Camera/ AR. They are easily consumed capsules of pop-culture discussions that are begging for adaptation and social sharing. What better way to tap into this viral phenomenon than by providing consumers a tool to create their own stories in their world?

Case and Point: Viktor & Rolf Fashion Statements

The fashion memes that emerged from the Viktor & Rolf couture show are quick-witted and universal. (Who doesn’t think of half these things every single day?!). Camera IQ reimagined one of these impactful dresses as an AR experience that consumers can use to create their very own meme-worthy moments.

Tap to Unlock Lens


How We Built it: World Object Template

  • Created a GIF in photoshop using a 2D image from the show and added some animation to the text (HACK: You can just drag and drop any existing GIFs from Giphy too!)
  • Dropped that same GIF into the 2D World Object Template on Camera IQ
  • Added a Frame for extra flair and context
  • Pressed publish and voila!

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