Taylor Swift Crushes it in Camera Marketing

August 7, 2019 • Written by john

Taylor Swift Crushes it in Camera Marketing

Taylor Swift counted down to the much anticipated launch of “Me!” Single last week with a 3-day AR campaign on Instagram. By using the filter, Swifties were transported into Taylor’s world of a pastel rainbow palette, glitter, hearts and “Me!”.


The Tease

The singer first introduced her personalized instagram AR filter two days before her single drop. Behind a pink hue with glitter fluttering down the screen, she teased that a big announcement was coming at the end of the week.

The filter tied in immaculately across the creative of her Instagram profile, newsfeed, and video assets, which were all working hand in hand to count down to her special announcement.


Fan Mayhem

Swifties everywhere responded. The filter went viral with fans posting frenzied stories of their responses – some of which Swift re-posted. The Swift hype-machine went into full effect.

The Taylor Swift filter continued to evolve and become more sophisticated, with hearts now floating alongside the layer of glitter. Swift continued to actively share the filter in IG stories, and it became the ‘lens’ through which to experience and share her world.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better

On Friday April 26th, Swift announced that her single was dropping at midnight with a music video release on youtube. Minutes after finally announcing the drop of “Me!”, Taylor unveiled that her filter had changed again in celebration of the single launch.

Alongside the hearts and glitter were now graphic “Me!” gracefully falling across the phone. Upon tapping the screen, it changed to reveal “me” written in different languages.

Whether or not you like the single, here is what we learned from T Swift, and what she did right!

  • AR as a free digital gift. T Swift gave her fans a present – a tool to participate and celebrate in the launch of her single. Swifties could co-create the “Me!” story with her, literally.
  • Virality. When content has a shelf life of 24 hours, T Swift kept her fans coming back by evolving the filter over time.
  • AR can play an important role in integrated marketing campaigns. The 4.26 Filter is beautiful and a natural extension of the larger campaign.

If the guiding principles of an Instagram AR Filter should do AT LEAST one of the following, Taylor Swift nailed them all:

  • Make me look cool/ good
  • Help me express something quickly
  • Let me be part of a pop culture moment

Wow, just, wow. Taylor Swift, the master of hidden messages has become Camera Marketing personified.

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