AR Creative Guide: Nail Those Gifs

August 14, 2019 • Written by Camera IQ

AR Creative Guide: Nail Those Gifs

At Camera IQ we ❤️ GIFs.

They’re a simple and effective format for your killer AR experience. Camera IQ optimizes GIFs across platforms but it’s not always smooth sailing.  Along the way we’ve learnt a few tricks to making the GIF creation process smooth and hassle free. Here are our top tips…

The less frames the better

The more frames in your GIF, the more likely it will be degraded in optimization. For example, 5-10 full screen frames generally maintain quality closer to the source. You’re welcome to try a full screen GIF with more than 10 frames but the quality may suffer on the device in Preview.

Pre-optimize your GIF

Make creative decisions (less frames/fewer pixels) while creating the GIF instead of leaving it up to the optimization algorithm.

Keep loops smooth

Match first and last frame for seamless playback.

Stay away from semi-transparency

Each pixel should be a single color or fully transparent, otherwise you’ll end up with fuzzy white boarders.

Avoid intricate logos & small text.

A static (.png) frame asset is the best place for Logos and Text

Do not interlace GIFs.

This will result in degraded image quality

Avoid gradient banding

GIFs support 256 colors so your gradients will turn into supported color bands.

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