Major League Soccer: Atlanta United’s Road to the Cup

September 3, 2019 • Written by Cristina Takoa

Major League Soccer: Atlanta United’s Road to the Cup

Major League Soccer: Atlanta United’s Road to the Cup Final

As the fastest growing professional sports league in the US with a vibrant fan community, MLS wanted to deepen audience engagement and drive growth, in service of delivering the ultimate fan experience.


AR as a Tool For Fan Engagement

Atlanta United, and other MLS teams leveraged the Camera IQ platform to deploy weekly AR experiences throughout the season, as a new medium for fan engagement.

Instead of traditional passive marketing touch points, fans were given the tools to co-create and have an immersive and personal conversation with their favorite teams and players.


  • Eight weeks of AR engagement
  • Total of Six lenses live
  • Increased reach by 25x existing Snapchat audience base



Empowering Social Media Teams to Respond to Real-time Moments

Example: World Object Template

  • Average Creation Time: 30 mins
  • Assets Used: 2D images

Social media teams at clubs were able to use existing assets to rapidly create, publish, and measure AR experiences via Camera IQ’s AR templates – bringing real time moments to their audience wherever they are.

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