How To Promote Your Filter & Lens on Instagram

September 20, 2019 • Written by Camera IQ

Since Instagram opened up the ability for everyone to create AR filters there’s been a lot of misinformation around how, why and when your audience can interact with your AR experience. Follow these promotional best practices to make sure your Instagram filter is seen and used…

Create a promotional video.

Think carefully about your IG Preview Video and ideally use talent when creating it. It needs to showcase the AR experience as best as possible and excite your audience to ‘Try It’. This video will live in your new Effects Folder on your Instagram Profile.



What is the Effect link?

The Effect link appears on the upper left corner of any shared Instagram content you or IG users create using your Effect. 







Promoting An Instagram Effect In Your Story

Option 1: Share Content From Camera Roll 

Often times you can’t share to your story immediately and need to use a video that was captured earlier or sent to you.



Promoting An Instagram Effect In Your Story

Option 2: Share Content Immediately

If you are able to create and immediately share to stories, getting the Effect Link is easy. This approach does not include a ‘Try It’ CTA and IG users may be less likely to use your effect. 

Record a video using the Effect.

Immediately share to your story without saving it to your camera roll.

Your Story post will have the Effect Link in the upper left corner.

When clicked, your followers can ‘Try It’  to use the Effect.











Use the Instagram Sharing URL. 

Once your Effect is live, Camera IQ will share a unique url which when clicked on a mobile phone will open the Effect on Instagram.

Add this link to ANY consumer touchpoint whether that’s social platforms, emails, video descriptions, podcasts, pinned tweet etc. etc.  

Example: https://www.instagram.com/a/r/?effect_id=990686051271204



Highlight your new Effect Folder! 

The first time you publish an AR Effect Instagram will generate a new Effect Folder on your profile. 

Don’t assume your followers know where this folder is. This is your chance to create fun content highlighting it to your followers.




Feature UGC in your Stories. 

Encourage fans to use your lens using a unique hashtag or by tagging your account. Feature the best UGC in your stories. 

Once you captured UGC content you can apply the ‘Try It’ CTA by following slide 7.




Think outside of Stories. 

Create a video post that lives on your profile or feature it in a highlight reel or gallery. You can always archive this post later when the campaign is over. 






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