An Occasion For AR

October 30, 2019 • Written by Camera IQ

An Occasion For AR

How to cut through holiday social noise and some spooky inspiration for Halloween

So you’ve been creating  spine tingling Halloween social content right?  You’ve been worked hard on that perfect piece of video content or social messaging, hoping it will be liked, shared and viewed across your channels. Great!  Now here’s the problem …your audience is being inundated with Halloween themed content across every platform and they’re also paying less and less attention to their feeds, they’re spending their time in the CAMERA.

AR presents the perfect opportunity to both stand out and meet your audience where they are. When Halloween comes around Snapchat, Instagram and Facebooks creators go into  ghoulish overdrive. The occasion is perfectly suited to face and world AR experiences. Think about it, social AR is like a wardrobe of personalized halloween costumes you can try out and co-create with. 

Brands creating content around holidays on social media is now an accepted and expected part of online interaction. The strongest content always occurs when a brand’s personality or voice aligns perfectly with their messaging and the cultural moment taking place. The worst content tries to hijack a conversation or create content ‘for the sake of it’. If you’re creating for AR for Halloween take care to think about your brands world or face experience. How does it reflect your brand’s personality? What kind of Halloween experience do you want your audience to have?

At Camera IQ we help brands create, manage and measure the perfect AR experiences that build new audiences. Drop us a line or request a demo to find out more.

Happy Halloween!

Camera IQ Team

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