Disney started it. Randomizer filters on Instagram are 🔥.

January 24, 2020 • Written by Camera IQ

In 2010, we’d take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which Disney character we are. In 2020? We use AR.

Randomizer filters have captured audiences’ imagination. It’s fun, simple, self-expression that can to apply to any IP or pop culture moment. When done right, they’re the perfect medium for brands to express themselves and engage their audiences in co-creation.

In just a few days we created “What Carb Are You’ and it’s seen of 1M organic impression on Instagram alone. We want to let you know what the secret sauce is.

Using Camera IQ a couple of our partners have moved quickly and nailed the randomizer format and we’ve even created our own.  

Here’s our quick reference guide to creating the perfect experience…. 

1. Keep it simple. Your audience has 5 seconds to understand the context and the random options that follow

2. Think about the most recognizable IP your brand has and how it can become a mode of quick self-expression.

3. Your audience wants to make their audience laugh. The most popular randomizers are funny whether you get an option that makes sense or not.

4. The title card is important – you need to frame the theme for the resulting outcomes to make sense.

5. Make sure there is a minimum of 15 outcomes. This helps repeat use 

6. Remember, your effect is only as good as its promotional strategy. Here’s our top tips and tricks

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