2020 Instagram AR Filter Guide

January 27, 2020 • Written by Camera IQ

It’s crazy that Instagram only opened its doors to AR 6 months ago! Since launch, we’ve seen thousands of filters and lenses created with Camera IQ. 🎉

As IG continues to be a strong platform for engagement, we wanted to highlight some recent updates and offer tips for a successful campaign launch.  💪📈📸

1Make sure you allocate 5 days for QA. We’re noticing review times take longer in 2020. ⏳

2. Real-life images of people are getting rejected. Even if you’ve seen a creator account getting away with it, remember, brands come under extra scrutiny. 👸

3. Your effect name matters. Be very conservative with your filter title. We’ve even seen ‘dope’ get rejected. 🙄

4. Your effect name matters part 2 – Instagram won’t let you name your effect with a proper noun – even if it’s your brand or product name. Think of naming your effect after what it expresses.

5. Don’t include a face in your filter icon. Guess what… it will get rejected 👎👎

6. If you’re including text make sure it’s a size that is easily readable in the filter. We’ve seen filters and lenses get rejected for having text that is too small.

7. Swipe Up! Swipe Up! Swipe Up! – The inclusion of a swipe to view CTA is essential when promoting in stories. Instagram can’t track all analytics without a swipe CTA or effect link.  ⬆️🆙

8. If you plan to share UGC content in stories  – Explicitly ask them to tag your account when using the effect. Announce this in your stories.

9. Remember, your effect is only as good as its promotional strategy. Here are our top tips and tricks

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