We All Live In The Camera: AR In The Time of Social Distancing

March 20, 2020 • Written by Camera IQ

We All Live In The Camera: AR In The Time of Social Distancing

Humans are social creatures, wired for connection. With social distancing becoming our temporary normal, there has never been a greater longing and need to feel connected to our loved ones and our communities at large. Thankfully, whether it’s for work or socializing, technology is allowing us to gather virtually.

Over the last 3 days the importance of video meeting platforms like Zoom and Google Meet have become very apparent. Not only are they helping businesses, medical professionals and teachers keep essential services running, they’re also helping us fulfill our natural desire for connection and joy. If you haven’t had an invite yet, guaranteed your first Zoom cocktail hour, Twitch concert, movie night or dog birthday is just around the corner.

Let’s embrace it! We ought to make the most of these moments and stay inspired by humanity’s enduring need to laugh and express ourselves.

As you know, we’re all about AR experiences at Camera IQ. We see AR as a way to not only create and communicate but to feel part of something larger, to share and bond. AR lenses can also make the video calls that have suddenly become integral to our workday a little less dull, and a lot more fun. 

Did you know you can add an AR lens to almost any video conferencing platform?  Find out how using the instructions below — a quick step by step guide on how to fire up a lens on your next Zoom call or Google Meet/Hangout. We guarantee it will crack a smile, no matter the circumstance.

How to add AR Lenses to Video Conferences

Snapchat’s Snap Camera can be used to add any Snapchat Lenses to your video feed in many video conference and streaming applications.

  1. Download the Snap Camera Application for Mac or Windows (here)
  2. Install and open Snap Camera.
  3. You’ll see your webcam video feed and a selection of initial Snapchat Lenses you can apply within the Snap Camera App itself.
  4. Use the “Search Lenses” feature to find even more Lenses, and Star your favorites.
  5. While you can snap photos and record videos within Snap Camera the real magic is Snap Camera’s ability to sit between your Webcam and your video in the popular video conference services.

Snap Camera setup for Zoom Meetings

  1.   Open Zoom Application (available for download for Mac/Windows here)
  2. Open Settings via the the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Select “Video” on the left panel.
  4. Select the “Camera” drop down.
  5. Select “Snap Camera” from the Camera selector.

*Note, if Snap Camera application is NOT running, your video feed will be yellow.

Snap Camera setup for Google Meet (FKA: Hangouts)

  1. First make sure Snap Camera is running on your computer and you see a Lens on your face in Snap Camera.
  2. Open Google Meet application or a Google Hangout in your browser window.
  3. To access Camera Settings in Meet select the in the upper right hand corner or the three vertical dots in the bottom left of a Google Hangout in your web browser.
  4. In settings, select “Video” Tab.
  5. Select Snap Camera from the “Camera” drop down and select Done.

Snap Camera setup for Twitch streaming

Twitch has an authorized Snap Camera Extension that steamers can use to add Snap Lenses to their streams and Twitch Partners can have the option to make Snapchat Lenses accessible to only channel subscribers. Setup instructions can be found here.

Camera IQ WFH Lenses

Here are a few AR lenses we at Camera IQ created to help you WFH in style. Copy and paste these links into Snap Camera’s search bar to play! 

Below are links to some of our team’s other favorite lenses for video conferencing:

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