Telemundo: Hacking The Social Conversation

April 1, 2020 • Written by Camera IQ

Filters & Lenses Drive Social Conversations & Engagement

Marketers across the board are seeing results: AR drives engagement across social channels. A lens or filter effect typically boosts engagement by ten times compared with traditional image or video posts, and playtime averages 17 seconds compared with 3-second video views. Not only does the data support higher engagement rates, but AR is the only way for brands to reach an audience that is no longer passive, but rather actively creating content and posting it to their stories.

“ 56 percent of Generation Z (born ’96-’10) use social apps to express themselves creatively. More notably for this exercise, 40 percent use AR lenses to enhance the pics and videos they share.”

– AR News

Telemundo Knew AR Drives Results But Scaling Issues Hampered Implementation

Telemundo understood the value of AR, but like many brands, ran into the long production times and expensive agency costs that filter and lens experiences for Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram typically incur. This made it impossible to take advantage of contextual moments and the always-on expectations of social audiences. The status quo was preventing Telemundo from leveraging AR to increase social engagement.

“We’re a large media and broadcast network with hundreds of scripted tv shows, numerous sporting events, documentaries, award shows and more. With that level of complexity, scaling AR through a traditional agency model was impossible. We were excited about AR’s potential but had no way to  service all our properties.”

– Telemundo Executive

Camera IQ Streamlined Creation, Publishing & Measurement of AR

By using templated components, Camera IQ was able to slash Telemundo’s AR effect production time from weeks to just hours. This drastic reduction, combined with the ability to create one AR experience and publish it across multiple channels (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitch, TikTok) with just the click of a button empowered Telemundo to create and publish AR filters and lenses across multiple properties. Based on the results for a single property (Latin AMAs), which saw a 10x increase in engagement. Telemundo now features AR experiences on more than 20 of their media properties.

“We’ve created multiple AR experiences very quickly. We’ve cut 3-4 month production schedules to one day or less, and build campaigns that can react to conversations fans are having on social media.”

Andrea Castillo- Director, Strategic Partnerships at NBC Universal Telemundo Enterprises

6 Months Later – AR Is Driving Telemundo’s reach & Engagement

Since early 2018, Telemundo has increased AR production. As a consequence, they’ve improved overall social engagement and reach and have quickly scaled audiences for new broadcast properties. In May 2019, Telemundo’s use of AR effects had increased engagement compared with traditional social posts by close to a multiple of three.

May 2019 AR Engagement Rates vs Traditional Social Posts: 2.9X

Example: Premieros Billboards

Impressions: 102K

Engagement is just half of the story. Cross-platform filters and lenses on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are also generating a huge amount of incremental reach and impressions compared with standard posts. Telemundo’s audiences now expect and interact with AR content on a regular basis. When a single audience member uses a lens, the branded effect is shared with their followers at a rate higher than that for video or images (VALIDATE WITH DATA). This, coupled with savvy promotion by on-screen talent and influencers, leads to insane reach. Take Telemundo’s recent Miss Universe Campaign

Compared with traditional posts, the Miss Universe lens received

40X the Reach & Impressions

By scaling AR output across channels in early 2018, Telemundo has boosted social engagement by 5x They did all this without lengthy agency onboarding, long production timelines or excessive cost. Camera IQ empowered their existing design and marketing teams to become AR produces and campaign managers.

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