Snap Partner Summit 2021 Recap

May 28, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

Snap Partner Summit 2021 Recap

At the Snap Partner Summit 2021, Snap announced new products, features, and partnerships across their AR efforts. There was a lot to take in – here’s an overview of the announcements we’re most excited about.

Public Profiles 

For the first time, brands can develop personal, long-term relationships with the Snapchat generation using Stories, Highlights, Lenses and a native store experience. Learn how to get started here

Use Cases That Inspired Us 

  • Disney’s AR Castle: Place your favorite image on Cinderella Castle with augmented reality. If you look through your camera lens, you’ll see a collage of special moments shared by Disney World guests to celebrate its 50th anniversary. 
  • Build your next Lego land in AR: Build new worlds with friends nearby using AR Lego bricks and models. 
  • Shop with MAC Cosmetics: Virtually try-on and purchase a variety of lip and eye products using MAC Cosmetics’ new Snap Lenses. 
  • Prada Bag Try-on: Try on a variety of Prada handbags by simply waving your hand to view the next bag. 
  • Farfetch Apparel Try-on: Use voice commands, like “Show me a windbreaker jacket with a pattern,” to try on different looks. 
  • Keeping Score: Track scores in real-time using Lenses to support your favorite teams. 
  • Fitness Tracking: Show off and share your progress during a workout with real-time fitness tracking. 
  • Bumble Integration: Use Lenses in the Bumble app to make more engaging videos to send to your potential matches.   

Ground-breaking Stats: 

  • In the last year, Snapchatters tried on products 250 million times using AR and were 2x more likely to purchase. 
  • Gucci released a Lens for a shoe-try that resulted in 19 million views. 
  • American Eagle debuted their virtual try-on Lens for jeans, which resulted in $2 million incremental sales.  

New Features: 

  • New, dynamic shopping Lenses offer users real-time product and pricing updates, in addition to virtual try-ons, and the ability to make purchases without leaving the Snapchat app
  • An upgraded virtual shopping and try-on experience that includes voice-enabled commands and gesture-enabled controls
  • New analytics, including Lens performance metrics such as playtime and insights on how people are using your virtual products  
  • The introduction of Spectacles 4.0 that allows users to experience a new, augmented world 

Memorable Quotes

“We believe shopping is more than the transaction,” says Carolina Arguelles, ‎Global Product Marketing Lead, Augmented Reality at Snap, “it’s really about the experience and we believe a better experience—one that’s more immersive, connected with your friends, and emotional—is not only going to increase that buyer confidence but also build a longer term loyalty to brands and businesses.”

“70% of consumers feel that finding clothes online that fit is really difficult, and returns are a $550 billion problem for businesses,” says Arguelles. “Everything we’ve announced today focuses on improving the realism of these experiences and how natural it feels to interact with them.”

By the end of the run, American Eagle had sold $2 million in products from the store and had 50 million engagements. The sales were a drop in the bucket for a company that closed the last quarter in 2020 with $1.3 billion in revenue, but represented a new way of reaching younger customers. “It was really a light bulb that, wow, this is a new way to consider not just engaging with Gen Z but also shopping with Gen Z,” said Craig Brommers, American Eagle’s chief marketing officer. “I think we’ll see an acceleration of this trend in the months and years ahead.”

“This is the next evolution of where e-commerce grows,” said Mark Shmulik, a senior technology analyst at Bernstein. “It just creates more categories that will enable me to either start or continue buying online that otherwise I might have felt less comfortable doing because I couldn’t kind of try it on.”

“The combination of that immersive behavior as well as that convenience of augmented reality are really critical for marketers,” Snap Chief Business Officer Jeremi Gorman said. “This is AR’s moment. You have this huge community of people utilizing AR wanting to engage with it every single day and it’s a wide-open space for marketers.”

“The onus is on us to ensure that advertisers are clear that this is no longer an incredibly complex thing to build,” Snap’s Gorman said. “It doesn’t take a long time. It’s not terribly expensive and they can reach their most engaged audience with it.”

In October, Zenni Optical launched a try-on experience with several of its glasses — from designs with polka dots to animal-print varieties — and sample accessories, said Deanna Dawson, head of social media and content marketing. The campaign was so successful that the company put out a Valentines Day experience, which resulted in 1.5 million try-ons, according to the company. Zenni Optical is launching another AR campaign on Snapchat in June. “We just thought this was really going to be a branding play more than a performance play,” said Dawson. “We were happily surprised.”


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