A Look At Social Commerce Across Platforms

June 7, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

A Look At Social Commerce Across Platforms

Ever wonder how to get started with social commerce? The first step is realizing that not all social media platforms are the same. 

While several social platforms are proving effective at driving social commerce, others are on-track to compete by stepping up their game. Brands have a variety of opportunities to run social commerce campaigns on each platform. 

Brands that get attention on social media are using formats like shoppable content, including AR. AR creates immersive, unique, and shareable experiences that users love. Those qualities make it the most effective medium to engage and convert consumers across social media platforms.

As you consider jumping into the hottest area of retail growth, here’s a run-down of the current opportunities for brands to launch AR-driven initiatives on key social platforms. 

Instagram offers:

  • Instagram Shop Here’s where brands can make the most of product discovery opportunities by featuring a full list of products that are available directly from your Instagram profile.
  • Gift Card and Food Order Stickers Now available in stories and on your profile — consumer can tap to make a purchase. 
  • Expansion of Instagram Shopping Tag your shoppable products in your posts and on Instagram Stories and take advantage of the “Instagram Shop” tab on your profile to highlight current product lists.
  • Facebook Pay People can stick with the same payment experience across Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. 
  • Instagram Live Shopping Products you tag will appear below the video for ease of shopping. 
  • IGTV Shopping People can now more easily discover and purchase products directly within Instagram.

Facebook offers:

  • Facebook Shops Create your business’s online story, select which products to feature, and merchandise those products in curated collections. 

TikTok offers:

  • Shopify By installing a Shopify app, brands can run TikTok marketing campaigns that feature shareable, shoppable content. 

Snapchat offers:

  • AR Lenses Snapchat promotes the use of shoppable AR that allows users to virtually try-on glasses and cosmetics and clothing. 
  • Pinning Products: Brands can use a sticker to pin products to Stories and Content Highlights to drive awareness.
  • Brand Profiles (not yet released) This feature would give brands access to user info, allow them to pin Snaps that don’t disappear, and allow in-app purchases. 

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