Camera IQ’s New Design Environment Takes Digital Commerce to the Next Level

July 13, 2021 • Written by Leigh Brown

The year is 2021…we are living in a digital-first age, a pandemic-recovering world, and a culture ruled by Gen-Z. So what does this mean for businesses? To put it frankly, it’s a marketing challenge unlike any other time in history.

At Camera IQ, our mission is to enable brands to engage audiences and sell products at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. As digital commerce becomes the avenue for revenue and sales, we want to make social AR easy and accessible for any brand. That’s why our latest release focuses on empowering creators to achieve always-on AR experiences that accelerate business objectives.

The release of the Camera IQ Composer gives brands more creative control over their AR marketing campaigns. With a high-powered design environment and streamlined workflow, it’s even easier for brands to create once and publish everywhere — all from within the Camera IQ platform. We’ve also made it faster to scale experiences with team asset libraries and curated templates based on business objectives (product try-on, feature, launch, and more). Now, any brand can be a creator — no technical expertise required.

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In order to compete (and win) in their respective industries, brands have to accelerate full-funnel engagement, engage and influence social consumers, and replicate the physical try-on experience. Here’s how our new release helps brands do all that and more. 

Accelerate Full-Funnel Engagement

Social media is where we discover our favorite brands, artists, and products. But with so much going on, how do you stand out? That’s where AR comes in. Augmented reality can turn a passive social post into a personalized, shareable experience.

“AR’s enhanced storytelling capabilities allow brands to forge deeper emotional connections with audiences that boost brand awareness, lift, and recall. According to a study by Mindshare UK on the neurological and brand impact of AR, AR increases ad recall by a whopping 70%.”

– IAB’s 2021 AR Buyer’s Guide

By updating the Camera IQ platform with functionality that makes it even easier to create and scale social AR experiences, we’re enabling brands to accelerate full-funnel engagement by increasing reach, engagement, and ultimately conversion. Dana Tandoi, Senior Manager, Interactive Design at Atlantic Records says,

“eCommerce is huge for us, most of our artists have a web store. AR allows fans to discover and engage with their favorite artists on social media in a way that wouldn’t be possible with any other medium. AR experiences could help us break new artists and drive merch sales.” 

New objective-based templates and team asset libraries enable brands to achieve an always-on AR strategy. And always-on AR means an always-engaged audience. With pre-set templates, all a brand needs to do is customize the content for their campaign. And with team asset libraries, brands can reuse content for AR experiences that tie the whole campaign together. By making it easier to achieve specific business objectives with new templates and a streamlined creation workflow, brands can produce AR experiences to accelerate engagement across the funnel.

Enhance the Customer Experience With Branded AR Experiences

Virtual try-on (VTO) technology helps consumers see what a product looks like on them. In fact, 61% of online shoppers prefer to make purchases on sites that offer augmented reality experiences, and 63% of customers say augmented reality would improve their shopping experience, according to a study done by Invesp. By adding editorial elements with AR, companies are able to differentiate their brand from any other brand, while also sharing an experience that is playful and fun.

Social AR experiences should be shareable and wearable. The Camera IQ Composer reimagines AR commerce by enabling brands to digitize their products with true-to-life accuracy and realism, while adding an array of branded elements and unique flourishes that engage and inspire consumers through their cameras.

Our new release streamlines the creation process with a simplified workflow and enables VTO with a design environment that unlocks more customization. Maddy Wilson, Global Content Strategy and Production, Consumer Engagement at Smashbox says of the latest product updates,

“It’s incredibly easy. I can design a high-quality make-up look and quickly post and promote on our social channels without ever leaving the Camera IQ platform.”

Brands can better replicate their products in the camera with the ability to design for inclusivity as well with newly added models to test across a range of looks. The new release also doubles the amount of face components, adding beauty-specific types like lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and highlighter.


Replicate IRL Product Try-On Experiences 

With the shift to a digital-first world, comes a shift to a digital-first shopping experience. The first half of 2020 saw an increase in eCommerce equivalent to that of the previous ten years. Of that, social commerce growth is expected to triple that of eCommerce growth. For a brand, bridging the physical and digital product experience is more mission critical than ever, and allowing customers to experience your products in their world wherever and whenever is imperative. 

AR is the only medium that allows a consumer to virtually experience, interact, and engage with products in the comfort of their own home. However, visualizing a product is only part of a product’s experience. For example, how you replicate the reveal experience of the product, the educational content that brings the product to life — so much goes into a product experience.

Instead of relying on a customer’s imagination, Camera IQ  allows brands to fully immerse the consumer in the product experience, and accurately visualize its application. For a beauty brand like Dominique Cosmetics, a physical product in its packaging is not representative of its application. AR enabled them to show a customer how a product actually appears on their skin. For example, Dominique has a lip gloss that appears dark brown in the tube and when it is applied to the user’s lip it is translucent and glossy. Jordan Specht, Brand Relations Manager at Dominique, recreated the gloss in the Camera IQ platform with ease.

“I can’t believe how true it is to our actual product,” she said. “Camera IQ allows me to accurately recreate a makeup try-on experience with AR — letting our customers experience how our makeup will actually appear on their skin.”

The new Camera IQ Composer up-levels digital product experiences.The brand new face editor allows brands to create high-quality looks, test across diverse models, and replicate the application of products with specific parameters like color, shape, and finish. This release also adds 3D-upload functionality and highly contextual editors.The new world editor allows you to create a user experience they access with the rear-facing camera. The world editor has 3D drag and drop mobility, and an extremely flexible composer giving brands all angles of perspective so they can place their products in the user’s world, with accuracy and joy.

Next-Level Brand Experiences That Increase Conversion

AR allows brands, artists, and products to break through the noise across platforms and screens to drive awareness, engagement, and conversion. It’s an extremely powerful tool that every innovative marketer should have in their arsenal. But AR hasn’t been easy, scalable, or affordable. That’s what Camera IQ has changed. Our mission is to make AR accessible and easy for brands of all sizes and across various industries. You can schedule a call here to get a full demo and learn more about our platform.

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