How Digital Artists Used Camera IQ to Create Their First AR Experience

August 4, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

As part of our mission to democratize the camera, we’re always looking to bring our AR creation tools to a diverse set of creators. With our web-based tool, no coding required, and a drag-and-drop interface, there’s no easier way to get started.

Every week, designers use Camera IQ to create and publish AR experiences for Fortune 500 companies, boutique beauty brands, and 9 out of the 10 largest record labels in the world. But today, we want to showcase the individual creators who are using Camera IQ to express themselves in augmented reality.

Check out what some Camera IQ creators have been up to recently:

Katrina DeMarcus

Latinx Illustrator/Designer based in Atlanta, GA.
Find their work here: Website | Instagram

In Their Words:
“My effect features one of my textile sculptures as a collaged creature with one of my favorite beaches in the background.

I was surprised at how similar Camera IQ was to Photoshop. The way you can adjust size and location is very similar. I also really liked how you could easily change the transparency and adjust filters to layers. Being familiar with Photoshop made Camera IQ very comfortable and easy to navigate.

My favorite feature was being able to drop images in and adding them as masks and head pieces. I could easily adjust the size and location of the images. Adding makeup to the face was simple as well. I was able to plan and make an experience rather quickly, especially after I made the first few.

I loved being able to have many designs pop up with face triggers, it was especially fun for me to see my designs in a different world!”


Ruru Kuo

Motion graphic designer based in New York.
Find their work here: Website | Instagram

In Their Words:
“My project is an effect for “internet people”, combined with my passion for sci-fi and astronauts.

I love the layer system of Camera IQ, and the interface is very easy to navigate. It took me 2 days to make my experience. For an Adobe user, a layer system always feels more familiar for me. Camera IQ is so easy to use!”



Thor Kimmell

Illustrator and designer living in Brooklyn who is drawing as you read this.
Find their work here: Website | Instagram

In Their Words:
“My effect “Doodlehead” is a drawing I made just for you! Watch that little dude go!

The XYZ axis controls for the “head” category made it very easy to place all of the assets on the face. The trigger features were a great way to get the user to interact with the animation.

The layers display as well as the sliders for depth/rotation/scale made it very easy to manipulate my drawings for the filter. The biggest help was being able to work right on top of a person’s face the entire time!

This was my first venture into AR software, and after an hour or two I felt very comfortable using it! My favorite part was being able to think of my work in a 3d space, and the ease at which I could upload files and start placing them around the head!”

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