Camera IQ’s Latest Product Update Improves Creation Workflow

August 5, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

Camera IQ’s Latest Product Update Improves Creation Workflow

The latest Camera IQ releases introduce major improvements to the creation workflow. At Camera IQ, we believe creating and launching AR experiences should be easy and fun. That’s why the newest features prioritize ease of use, effortless and accurate editing, and streamlined workspaces. Confidently edit individual content with a preview video of the full experience, directly manipulate 3D objects with the new and improved head editor, and create more efficiently thanks to the streamlined UI. Let’s walk through some of the exciting new features that empower customers to create more.

Confidence Is Key

By adding a real-time preview video within our design environment, you get the full context of the AR experience so you can edit with confidence. Even while editing individual content with detailed tools specific to the content type, you can now see exactly how what you’re editing is affecting the overall project. And in each editor type, the preview video persists, so you are always able to check your work.

Design Like a Pro (Without Being a Pro)

Position and design head objects (like glasses, hats, crowns, etc.) easily and more accurately with the new 3D head editor. With direct manipulation of the model, you get full control over placing an object on the head. Pan around the head model to gain perspective and scale. This way, you can be sure the end user’s experience is flawless.

Simple Is Our Middle Name

Can you believe it? Getting started in Camera IQ got even easier. By combining projects and templates, there’s now a single starting point: the Projects tab. This new workspace puts your projects front and center, so you always have easy access to your work.

Create a new project and choose a preset template based on objectives like brand awareness, engagement, conversion, etc. or start from scratch in a blank project.

Easy on the Eyes

We’ve upgraded the Composer to a sleeker design—redesigning it to make the creation experience more clean and organized. Efficiently build an AR experience in the Composer with a layout that’s easier to navigate. By tightening the design of the Composer overall, we’re keeping AR simplified.

We’re thrilled to equip both skilled creators and interested newbies with a no-code design platform for creating AR experiences at scale. Stay tuned for future updates from Camera IQ that make AR easy and accessible for everyone. And in case you missed it, catch up on our previous release here.

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