Amplify Reach with Paid Promotion for Social AR

August 13, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

Brands that publish AR experiences across social channels increase engagement and accelerate marketing campaign impact. Take advantage of a major feature of social AR: unlike other ad formats, AR is a medium designed to be shared.

Three Reasons Why Brands Love Social AR

Tap Into Social Scale
Access the viral, always-on culture of social platforms and let users engage with and share your brand with their networks.

Meet Users Where They Are
Engage and influence new buyers where they spend time, express themselves, and share experiences through the camera.

Break Through The Noise
Capture attention at every touchpoint in the social buyer’s journey—especially at the top of funnel where it’s most crowded.

Promote Like A Pro

Promoting a 2D ad on your social channels just doesn’t compare to promoting an immersive AR experience. Consumers on social channels are more likely to engage with an AR experience, share it with their network, and even influence a purchase. For example, Average mobile conversion without AR is about 3.5%. With AR, it increases to 11%. (Big Commerce). So you can make the most out of social AR, we did a quick overview of the current promotion options offered by social channels. Snapchat’s AR ad network is the most robust, with multiple options for promoting Snap lenses. Meanwhile, Facebook allows brands to promote effects via Ads Manager. And, while Instagram does not allow native AR ads, brands can include a ‘Swipe Up’ CTA in a Story ad. The ‘Swipe Up’ CTA links directly to the effect, which serves the same purpose.

You can download the full guide for a handy cheat sheet to making the most out of your social AR experiences.

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