What Brands Can Learn From K-Pop and AR

September 22, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

Artists of all genres are using AR to reach followers beyond their fanbases, engage current fans, and promote new music. Not surprisingly, on-the-rise K-pop artists are at the forefront of AR innovation, launching viral AR experiences that are used over and over again by millions of fans. Increasingly, we are seeing fans save these K-pop effects to their camera tray in Instagram and Snapchat and use them every time they post a story. In essence, these artists are using AR to become an essential part of their fans’ cameras and how they express themself.

Show-Stopping Success

Every K-pop AR experience launched on Camera IQ has received over 1 million views. Blowing that statistic out of the water is one of the most popular girl groups from South Korea, TWICE. Their “Eyes wide open” effect on Instagram has received over 45 million views and 32.6 million plays. This is comparable to the # of views for the song’s choreography music video (52M). This shows that AR is becoming as important a medium to artists as the music video. Some K-pop songs even have more AR plays than plays on Spotify or Apple Music!

The group launches at least one AR experience for each album and EP release. Their AR experiences are tightly integrated with the creative direction of the songs or albums. They have a distinct aesthetic, and are able to utilize the templates on Camera IQ to create a series of experiences with a unique identity. You know a TWICE lens when you see one!

Immersing Fans In The Music

Want to be in a K-pop music video? This is the closest you can get! Artists are taking advantage of the popularity of beauty and makeup AR effects on social media. These effects let fans try on the stunning makeup looks from artists’ music videos and photoshoots.

Republic Records and Cube Entertainment worked with Camera IQ to create an AR Experience for KPop group (G)I-dle that allows fans to try-on five makeup looks from their trending music video for HWAA!

K-pop boy band TXT is also seeing astronomical success. The group has launched 10+ effects across social channels. These effects are used by millions of fans, with “Blue Hour” in particular receiving 23M views and 16M plays.

Why Music And AR Makes Hits

Why are these AR campaigns so successful? Mainly because with social AR, artists can meet their fans where they spend their time: in the camera on social channels. There are three reasons why social AR contributes to this kind of unique engagement and conversion—and it’s worth noting, the success is not limited to the music industry. Social AR allows artists and brands to:

1. Break through the noise: Capture attention on social media where it’s most crowded.
2. Meet users where they are: Engage and influence followers where they spend time, express themselves, and share experiences through the camera.
3. Tap into Social scale: Access the viral, always-on culture of social platforms and let users engage with and share your brand with their networks.

Want to replicate this kind of success? Take a page from the K-pop playbook by doing the following:

  • Center the user and make them look cute!
  • Keep branding subtle or to a minimum.
  • Launch AR campaigns like all your social campaigns: cross-platform to meet fans wherever they are.

If you want to explore how AR experiences can engage new followers and promote your brand, connect with us here.

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