Breaking Through the Noise of Cyber Monday to Boost Brand Loyalty

November 19, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

Yes, it’s that time of year again! And we’re not talking about holiday cheer. As the months change, we’re moving fast into the biggest sale season of the year. Cyber Monday is just around the corner and many brands are wondering the same thing: how can they stand out amongst the ad spend noise and hit their end-of-year sales goals? We’ve got answers.

Think Outside the Box

It’s no secret that big budget brands dominate the internet with ad spend content. If you are a smaller business, that type of media spend will leave you unnoticed amongst the masses. Your paid spending just won’t win against the social campaigns of larger corporations. Rather than go the “bigger is better” route, let’s turn our heads in a new direction: becoming impactful. 

Lean on Innovation

As you build out your content and campaigns for the season, think about the lasting and impactful impression it will have on your consumers. The power of AR can help your brand break away from the typical Cyber Monday campaign and not only help sell-out your products, but also transform your followers into loyal customers in the process.

Why AR Leads the Way

For today’s consumers, seeing is believing. An engaging AR experience has the power to help people make more thoughtful decisions about the purchases they’re making.  It allows them to interact with products in real time and it mimics the in-store experience in ways that regular ad spending cannot do. In fact, it has actually proven to help decrease the rate of return from your sales.

How AR Changes the Game

AR helps buyers feel more confident in their purchase decisions because they are engaging with the product before they click-to-buy. An immersive, personalized experience creates an imprint in the buyer’s memory more so than any video ad or product photo. With an engaging AR experience your customers are taking the time to interact with your product, whereas with a static post, your brand can fall victim to the scrolling and swiping culture of today’s social media users.

All About the Numbers

Another AR superpower is that it helps drive engagement with your brand. The goal to reach higher engagement has become a semi-out-of-reach expectation for digital content strategy teams. With all the changes to cookies and privacy settings in technology’s most recent updates, consumers are just not being served the ads brands are pushing as effectively as they used to. Promoting social AR experiences is extremely effective at putting real engagement back in the hands of the brand.


The Top 3 Ways You Can Use AR to Boost Brand Loyalty 

1. Place Your Product in Their World

Product visualization takes your product and puts it on 3D plane right in the hands of your consumers. With an AR experience that features product visualization, people can get a sense of size, texture, and color of your product. They will be able to visualize the product in their space in an interesting and special new way.

Why it works:
Away sought to promote their flagship product “Bigger Carry-On” in a new and engaging way. The “Case Face” 
campaign shown here is effective because with this AR experience the brand uniquely captures the attention of their customers by taking the product and reimagining its place in the camera of the user. They allowed the user an opportunity to play with the product in a non-conventional way, which instilled the feel-good feeling they wanted their customers to have in association with their product. The campaign organically engaged new and existing customers and led to direct sales.

The Numbers:
The “Case Face” experience generated 3.7 million impressions across their social platforms, three times the share rate of a Snap Ad’s benchmark, and a 10x increase of engagement in comparison to their static ads.

How-To Create Product Visualization with Camera IQ:
Camera IQ has a library of templates to help you create your first AR effect in minutes. Use our Product Promo template and swap in your product to see how users might want to interact with it in the world. Choose the scale and background you’d like to use to showcase your product and add or remove assets to make the branded experience truly one-of-a-kind.

2. Drive Product Engagement with Virtual Try-Ons

Virtual try-ons create a fun selfie-experience  that puts the power in the users hand and allows them to try on the product, test it, and experience the brand on themselves before they buy.

How-To Create Virtual Try-On with Camera IQ:

With Camera IQ you can create a virtual try-on experience on one single, user-friendly creative platform. Easily use our beauty tools to create the make-up look you desire. You can also drop in your own branded assets, and use our built-in behavior system to give your customers a one-of-kind brand experience. Use the template library and make the experience your own by manipulating texture, color, shine, and more, in order to provide great value try-ons to your customers.

3. Create Buying Power with Product Education

If you’re asking, “What if my product isn’t so obvious when applied to the face?” or “What if I’m not a makeup brand at all?” The answer lies in using AR to encapsulate an experience based on how the user might feel when using your product; Cue “Product Education.” 

Why it works:
Smashbox Cosmetics is no stranger to creating AR experiences that are Product-Education forward. The Mindful5 AR campaign featured here is meant to educate their customers on their Mindful5 collection in advocacy of wholesome ingredients and mind-body wellness. An AR experience like this is effective because it allows the user access to the feeling of what the product can offer with long-term benefits: the simplicity of the ingredients in the serum and the radiant glow it provides really drives a feeling of nourishment for the skin. The user can then imagine all the uses the product will have for them in a matter of seconds and build more confidence that the product is worth the purchase. With the trust gained from an AR product education experience, the user becomes satisfied with their purchase before it even reaches their fingertips, and as a result, has shown to lower return rates for brands. 

The Numbers:
In the time Smashbox has been using AR to enhance their marketing campaigns, they have seen a 10x increase in e-commerce sales, doubled their benchmark click-through-rate, and have seen a 50% increase over their cost-per-click benchmark rate.

How-To Create Product Education with Camera IQ:
With the “Beauty How-To” Camera IQ template, AR for Product Education becomes simple.  Use the template as is and swap out the assets with your own, or use the template as inspiration and create your own Product Education AR from scratch.

Building Value Creates a Stand-Out Performance 

Part of what allows AR to help build brand loyalty is that it showcases a brand’s products in fun, interactive, and innovative ways. If you’re a brand looking to crush your KPIs for Cyber Monday, we urge you to steer away from loud discounts and sales-driven ads, and instead ask yourself, “What is the real product that is driving success for my brand?” and, “How can I highlight it in a way that allows my customers to build a deeper connection with it?” A sure way to stand out amongst the noise on Cyber Monday is not necessarily to go bigger, but rather drive sustainable, significant engagement growth. You might even be surprised at how quickly you may sell out. 

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