Webinar Recap: Myth Busting Snapchat with Snap

November 23, 2021 • Written by Camera IQ

With the surplus of brands in the marketplace today, and the ever-growing boost in online shopping in the last year alone, it’s not only crucial for brands to become ever-present online, but also to show up in the right ways. 

The current global online spending power is $4.4 trillion dollars ($1.9 Trillion in North America alone) and Snapchatters are willing to outspend non-snapchatters on common purchases across every retail and service category. Augmented Reality is now more essential than ever to help drive those purchases. 

With an average of 30 Snapchat app opens per day, 200 million average daily AR users, and 6 billion+ average number of times per day users play with AR on Snapchat, we were excited to get an inside scoop right from the source.  We sat down with Danielle Manzi, Augmented Reality Solutions Partner at Snap, Inc and asked her to demystify some common misconceptions about using AR marketing to amplify your product promotion strategies on Snapchat.

Here’s what we covered:

  • Debunking Snapchat AR marketing myths
  • Paid and Organic reach solutions for your brand
  • The affordability of AR marketing
  • AR as a full-funnel solution


It’s Myth Busting Time!

Myth #1 

“A Paid strategy is the only way to reach the right audience on Snapchat.”


A “Public Profile” on Snapchat is one that provides the user a unique set of profile features that lets them showcase lenses and stories separate from their friends. Most businesses will use a Public Profile as a way to establish a connection between their products or services, and their fans. Snapchat Public Profiles for brands allows for organic extended reach, full app discoverability, and an opportunity to engage with your followers and beyond.  

The Facts

Universal Pictures drove 300 million+ additional views of their AR Lenses organically with a Snapchat Public Profile. Their Trolls World Tour Lenses alone yielded 199 million views. 

Myth #2 

“AR on Snapchat is Expensive”


You can launch AR campaigns on Snapchat for as little as $5 per day. As for the development of experiences, there are a number of tools for AR creation at your disposal. Camera IQ is the user-friendly, easy-to-use, intuitive creative platform that helps you build AR experiences without technical expertise. 

The Facts: 

With Camera IQ you can create experiences once and deploy them across multiple channels easily. Design a project, generate for digital channels, and export in minutes. 

Myth #3 

 “Snapchat is only about brand awareness and won’t let me reach my conversion goals.”


 An “Always-On” AR Strategy has proven to outperform ROI goals. Incorporating AR in your campaign typically improves your conversion rate by 94%.

The Facts:

When adding a lens to a Snap Ad campaign, there was a 31% increase in incremental reach and overall effectiveness doubled relative to static Snap Ads alone.



To promote a new merch drop, Lil Tecca’s record label created a Snapchat filter that swiped up to their Shopify storefront. With no ad spend, Lil Tecca’s filter reached 15M+ views, had a 75% play rate, and a 6% share rate — hundreds of thousands of people were organically sharing the merch drop effect. The entire line of merch sold out in less than a week.





Dior had a combined approach that featured advertising in the camera by adding a snap ad to a lens and coupling it with an organic strategy via their Snapchat Public Profile. Their new sneakers lens drove sales using virtual Try-On and received 6.2x Return on Ad Spend and over 2.3M organic views via their Public Profile.



To learn more about Myth Busting Snapchat with Snap you can watch the extended webinar here. 


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