Three Ways Interactive AR Levels Up Digital Marketing

February 17, 2022 • Written by Leigh Brown

2022 is the year of experiences. Whether those experiences take place in the digital world or IRL, they engage consumers beyond what brands can achieve with traditional formats.  It’s not enough for brands to just show up where their target audiences are—they need to create interactive content that transforms consumers into co-creators. Marketers and designers should heed the data: consumers want interactive experiences. In fact, 91% of buyers prefer visual and interactive content rather than traditional formats. (DemandGenReport)

But what exactly is an interactive experience? Put simply, interactive experiences involve the audience in some way. Augmented reality is an ideal medium for branded experiences because it creates multi-layered content via the camera. But even AR experiences should be designed with interactivity in mind. This means they’re not just filters over a person’s face. Instead, consumers take an active role in your campaign. Experiences also benefit your brand by increasing engagement and brand loyalty. According to a report by zdnet, 70% of consumers would be more loyal to brands that incorporate AR as part of their shopping experience. 

So let’s dive into three ways interactive AR campaigns will take your digital marketing to the next level in 2022 and beyond.

Tell Multidimensional Brand Stories

Brands want to earn the attention, engagement, and business of their target audiences with creative campaigns. Yet, according to a report by Content Works, 69% of the Gen Z demographic finds traditional ads disruptive. With interactive AR experiences, you can bring your digital campaigns to life. Tell a more in-depth and creative campaign story with AR that uniquely provides the multidimensional experience the next generation expects. Showcase different products, themes, characters, and more—all in one AR experience. 

Take your audience on a journey with experiences that develop at their fingertips. For example, tell the story behind your new fragrance launch with a tap-to-change behavior featuring creative elements inspired by each perfume note. With Camera IQ, you can easily add a behavior like tap-to-change that makes it possible for your audience to experience the fragrance notes that make up your new scent. All you have to do is organize the assets in the order you want your audience to sequence through it—there’s no technical coding required.

In Camera IQ, select content from drop down menus.

Fragrance notes like floral, sandalwood, and citrus appear in this real-time preview.

Let Your Audience Co-Create With Your Brand

As mentioned above, people find traditional, passive ad formats disruptive to their digital experiences. Their expectations are for content to be engaging and personalized. By harnessing interactivity in your AR campaigns, you will center your audience and let them drive the experience through content you’ve designed for them to interact with. Sit back, and watch the user-generated content pour in! Here are just a few examples:

Build a story with content your audience can cycle through or create a step-by-step experience. The possibilities are endless! Here, Away frames you in various holiday lights and let’s you choose your background destination with a tap-to-change trigger.

Create engaging experiences that start with a campaign prompt and end with a randomized result. These experiences are fun to share with friends and compare your results! Here, Away encourages play time with their brand and holiday gifting inspiration. The randomizer matches an Away product with a person to give it to and a travel destination.

To create a randomized experience in Camera IQ is easy. You can always start with a Camera IQ template and replace content with your branded assets, so you don’t have to start from scratch. If you are going to build from a blank project, all you have to do is add the content that you want to randomize into the Project Editor as a PNG sequence. When you add a behavior like tap-to-show, it will allow your audience to stop the sequence with a simple tap to see their randomized result!

In Camera IQ, easily create a randomizer with the behavior menu.

Increase Time Spent With Your Brand

Consumers are spending more time on their phones and the most time on social media. By providing interactive AR experiences on popular social channels, you can increase brand engagement by 32x. More engagement leads to more business profitability, according to Forbes. Studies show that companies who improve engagement can increase order size by 5% to 85%, cross-sell revenue by 22%, and up-sell revenue by 38%. 

With Camera IQ, Smashbox Cosmetics created a menu (UI picker) within an AR experience allowing consumers to swipe between makeup swatches to try on. The increase in time spent with their brand exploring all 15 shades of their Cream Shadow palette paid off. During the week the campaign was live, they saw a 10X increase in ecommerce sales of the Cream Shadow product and outperformed every CPC, CTR and CPM goal.

So what’s the barrier to entry for brands wanting to launch interactive AR experiences? It’s slim to none if you partner with Camera IQ—the easiest AR creation platform. Like in the example above, let’s say you want to help consumers explore your new collection of lipsticks and find the perfect shade. With Camera IQ, you can start with a preset template or build the experience yourself. You can easily add a menu into your experience, then select the lip colors you want your audience to virtually try-on!

In Camera IQ, select lips from drop down menus and label each color.

How To Easily Create Interactive AR Campaigns

With Camera IQ, it’s easy to create and launch interactive AR campaigns. You can save time executing and spend more time designing (and actually enjoy it). Creating interactive experiences is as simple as selecting from drop-down menus. Quickly build complex, layered experiences by starting with preset templates that you can customize for your campaign! Here are a few Camera IQ templates to help anyone get started:

Camera IQ provides preset templates for key initiatives, like new releases, virtual try-on, product launches, and more.

  • The Digital Zine template transposes a collage of creative content cut from a magazine. Randomizers like this add a gamification aspect to an experience,  encouraging sharing with friends. As with any of Camera IQ’s templates, you can always build out other content elements that make the experience unique to your digital brand identity.
  • The Beauty Swatches template lets a user swipe through different shades of makeup with ease. All you have to do is customize the colors and textures of your products in Camera IQ’s user-friendly face editor.
  • The Product Pedestal template helps users visualize different versions of products on a 3D display. By starting with this template, you can replace the 3D sneakers and pedestal with your own content so that your consumers can explore and discover your products in their world. 

Brands like Nike, Univision, and Smashbox Cosmetics use Camera IQ to tell compelling, multidimensional stories that fuel digital campaigns year-round. Translate digital content into interactive experiences, stand out in the social commerce landscape, and get the attention of your fans while increasing reach across new followers. Camera IQ is the easiest AR creation tool, allowing brands to execute an always-on strategy—like all other digital marketing channels.

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