How Atlantic Records Elevates Artists With Social AR

March 15, 2022 • Written by Leigh Brown

In the ever-evolving music landscape, record labels and artists are learning to adapt to consumer preferences and expectations. Interactive designers responsible for any digital experience related to music must grow their skill sets to provide the most innovative and creative digital content for signed artists and their audiences.

In order to help their artists stand out on our cluttered social feeds and forge personal connections with fans, the interactive designers at Atlantic Records turn to augmented reality (AR) experiences and Camera IQ. Social AR enables the Atlantic designers to create unique and visually compelling experiences that not only promote their artists’ music, but also immerse fans in its world. Using Camera IQ, the team can create and launch AR effects to artists’ social accounts quickly and easily—with no prior experience in AR.

We interviewed Atlantic designers Dana Tandoi, Ian Posner, and Natasha Villarraga about how they use AR to enhance artist experiences and how Camera IQ makes it easy. In the first video in our Designer Spotlight Series, they walk us through AR effects for Noa Kirel’s Thought About That, Saint Phnx’s Angel, and Halestorm’s Back From The Dead

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