Camera IQ Introduces Organic AR Effect Creation for TikTok

April 12, 2022 • Written by Camera IQ

TikTok is a pillar of today’s social media landscape, and a powerful marketing engine for brands. Since bursting onto the scene in 2017, the short-form video app has amassed over 1B monthly active users around the world, and set the internet on fire with viral trends. TikTok’s influence on consumers’ decisions can’t be overstated: conversations on the platform are shaping what users watch, wear, listen to, and even eat. Given TikTok’s tremendous impact on culture—and commerce—it presents a valuable opportunity for brands to connect with audiences through social AR experiences. 

We are thrilled to announce that Camera IQ and our brand partners can now create and launch organic TikTok AR effects! As the easiest AR creation tool, Camera IQ empowers industry-leading brands to engage audiences with AR experiences at scale—and is the only platform solution that allows brands to unlock AR for all social channels. 

We’ve already launched impactful TikTok AR effects for Cartoon Network and Smashbox. As of today, all Camera IQ customers on Team and Enterprise licenses can create new AR effects for TikTok or translate projects originally created for Snap, Facebook, or Instagram.

Let’s explore a few reasons marketers shouldn’t wait to embrace TikTok AR, and what your team can accomplish by incorporating TikTok into your cross-platform marketing strategies. 


TikTok AR Effects

Why TikTok Belongs in Your Social AR Strategy

TikTok is no longer an emergent app for teens—it’s an established part of the social media ecosystem. As marketers increasingly prioritize TikTok in their 2022 social strategies, brands would be wise to incorporate the platform into their social AR campaigns for three primary reasons:

1. Your Brand Will Lead the Way for AR on TikTok

AR marketing is new to TikTok, meaning the platform is not yet noisy with branded effects. In fact, your brand could be among the first to launch AR experiences on the channel. Because TikTok AR effects are still novel to creators, your campaigns are well-positioned to make an impact. 

2. TikTok Opens the Door to a New and Highly Engaged Audience

By tapping into TikTok, brands can reach a massive, unique community of potential fans. The platform’s relatively young user demographic makes it an essential channel for brands eager to engage Gen Z and Millennial consumers: according to Omnicore, roughly 50% of TikTok’s global audience is under the age of 34, and our recent survey on AR and consumer behavior found that 54% of Gen Z consumers are on the platform. Additionally, TikTok users are highly active, with 90% visiting the platform more than once per day (Omnicore). 

3. AR Effects for TikTok Are Easy to Create

We brag about being the easiest AR creation tool, and when it comes to TikTok, there’s no exception. Brands that partner with Camera IQ receive one-on-one support with planning, building, and publishing effects from their dedicated account strategist, along with access to platform-specific analytics and insights on effect performance. 

What Your Team Can Achieve With TikTok AR Effects

As a key component of any cross-platform social AR strategy, TikTok enables marketers to connect with audiences on a new level. Here are a few of the ways you can leverage TikTok AR effects to drum up unprecedented enthusiasm and engagement with your brand. 

Enhance Storytelling for Creators

TikTok is, first and foremost, a storytelling platform, and AR experiences are powerful storytelling devices. But winning on TikTok isn’t about broadcasting your brand’s own narrative—instead, marketers should help creators express themselves on camera. By crafting simple, open-ended effects that creators can easily remix to tell their own stories, brands can inspire widespread adoption and drive awareness. 

TikTok AR Effect Cartoon Network

Capitalize on Viral Trends

TikTok is a launchpad for trends that break the internet. Songs, TV shows, beauty products, and even food items have turned into overnight sensations thanks to conversations on the platform. Brands can ride the wave of hype by designing AR experiences that riff on existing trends: effects that incorporate popular audio or memes are likely to be a hit with creators, and can even offer brands a taste of virality. 

For example, when an audio clip from Cartoon Network’s show “Steven Universe” went viral on TikTok, the brand worked with Camera IQ to develop an AR effect featuring the glasses worn by the character Garnet. The experience proved a hit with the TikTok community, as creators leapt at the opportunity to enrich their storytelling and participate in a viral phenomenon. 

Reimagine Existing AR Experiences for TikTok

TikTok AR represents a new opportunity for marketers, but brands don’t need to create new content to make a splash. Instead, you can save time and effort by repurposing experiences for TikTok that you’ve already built and shared to other channels, like Instagram and Snap, to maximize reach and audience engagement across platforms. 

Smashbox, for example, amplified its cross-platform AR strategy by adapting its “Illuminate” experience, originally published to Instagram, for TikTok. TikTokers raced to try the glowy lens, which mimicked the luminous sheen of Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer: within 10 days of launching, the effect inspired over 1.4k videos and saw a 50% play rate. 

TikTok AR Effect Smashbox

TikTok is a treasure trove for marketers, and social AR is the key to engaging the creator generation. Now that brands can launch organic TikTok effects with Camera IQ, you can tap into the popular app’s potential, and build a full-scale social AR strategy, using the easiest AR creation tool available. 

Download the Ultimate Guide to AR Marketing on TikTok for a complete roadmap to designing and promoting winning TikTok effects, and learn more about how your brand can harness the power of TikTok AR with Camera IQ here.  

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