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We are a team of diverse, and open-minded engineers, designers and marketers committed to democratizing the camera and AR technology. Whether you’re building your first campaign or scaling your AR strategy, we provide support for all your business needs.

Our mission is to democratize the camera for brands everywhere. The opportunities are truly endless. 
Let’s collaborate together.

Meet The Team

Allison Ferenci
Co-Founder, CEO

Allison has been creating new realities since she started her dual MFA in Interior Design and Digital Interactive Art at Pratt Institute. Exploring the intersection between design, architecture and human interaction, Allison became interested in how technology could bridge our online and offline worlds.

In 2016, Allison founded Camera IQ on the thesis that the camera is no longer just the camera. Camera IQ helps brands build new interactive experiences that captivate audiences. Since inception, they have worked with major brands and are in partnership talks with major platforms.

Sonia Tsao
Co-Founder, COO

Sonia Tsao is the Co-founder and COO of Camera IQ, where she helps brands tell stories that captivate. She is uniquely in tune with how technology impacts the consumer experience. Previously, she headed Brand Strategy at Google Venture-backed mobile commerce app Spring, where she grew the supply-side community to over 1,000 digital brands.

At Camera IQ, she joins her co-founder Allison in the belief that camera marketing is the biggest opportunity in a decade.

Per Nielsen

Per Nielsen is the Chief Product Officer at Camera IQ, where he helps build products that enhance the way people interact with each other and the world. Formerly the Camera Platform Product Lead at Snap and the VP of Product Planning and User Experience at Vuforia, Per has helped spur the rise of the camera as the greatest brand marketers opportunity in a decade.

At Camera IQ he leads product development, helping brands navigate a complex camera ecosystem and build experiences that their customers love.