Make it easy for consumers to experience your brand

Beauty retail is forever changed. Meet your audience in the social platforms where they are to reach, engage and convert them in this new (augmented) reality.

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We’ve helped cosmetics, skincare, and fragrance brands create virtual experiences to engage millions of consumers. Select customers include:

SmashboxMAC CosmeticsLoveSeenEve LomToo Faced


Amplify your brand message

Engage up to 34x your social following by being a part of conversations that matter most to them.


Convert more loyal customers

Drive sales with virtual try-ons that can increase conversion rates by up to 250%.


Standout from the competition

Unlock what makes your products unique with compelling virtual experiences.

“I was blown away by the reach and engagement stats from our AR experiences.”

Rory Clark, Head of Marketing at LoveSeen Lashes

How Camera IQ Works

Establish your virtual identity and set business goals.

Build AR experiences with Camera IQ platform in minutes.

Promote your AR experiences on social channels.

Optimize your AR experiences to exceed your marketing goals.

AR Simplified

Transform your products and brand message with an easy-to-use, creative platform designed to simplify AR.

But isn't AR time-consuming?

It’s not anymore. Launch your first AR campaign in minutes by getting started with preset templates and assets.

But I don't have the resources!

You don’t need them. Save time designing and scaling high-end AR experiences with an end-to-end creative platform that can reach your customers on all your priority channels.

But I want a unique experience for my brand!

Done! Customize the full AR experience — lip shape, coloring, texture, and lighting — to align with your brand.

How will I know if it's successful?

With data. Optimize business results by gaining insights — measure campaign performance against industry benchmarks.

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