Outperform your competitors with AR experiences that drive results.

Engage consumers at a massive digital scale by turning static content into live immersive experiences that feature your brand.

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We empower consumer brands to create AR experiences that engage millions. Select customers include:



Maximize reach and increase engagement 30X.

Social media is where we discover our favorite brands and products. Augmented reality can turn a passive social post into a personalized, shareable experience.


Visualize products in 3D and increase sales 10X.

Quickly and easily create AR experiences that uniquely introduce a new product line or highlight a new feature right in the social consumer’s favorite app.


Enhance the customer journey with branded experiences.

Create once, and deploy everywhere. Design an AR experience in minutes and share to every channel— connecting with consumers at every touchpoint.

“The AR experience we created with Camera IQ exceeded all expectations. We saw more engagement from the AR effect compared to traditional social posts.”

Georgia Parent, Senior Manager, Social Media At Away

How Camera IQ Works

Establish your virtual identity and set business goals.

Build AR experiences with Camera IQ platform in minutes.

Promote your AR experiences on social channels.

Optimize your AR experiences to exceed your marketing goals.

AR Simplified

There’s no technical expertise required with our no-code creative platform designed to simplify AR. Easily repurpose campaign assets and utilize preset templates within Camera IQ.

But isn't AR time-consuming?

It’s not anymore. Launch your first AR campaign in minutes by getting started with preset templates and assets.

But I don't have the resources!

You don’t need them. Easily build an AR experience by leveraging the Camera IQ asset library or upload and reuse your own assets.

But I want a unique experience for my brand!

Done! With Camera IQ, you can easily customize AR experiences to align with your brand and your campaign objectives.

How much does it cost to make one AR experience?

Our pricing is not based on number of experiences. You can create as many experiences as you want and for as many channels as you want, at any pricing tier.

AR Simplified

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