Tools for a Camera-First World


World’s First Camera Marketing Platform

Camera IQ makes it easy to build and deploy camera marketing campaigns that drive business objectives. Think of us as mission control for your brand’s AR experiences.

We Made It Simple

Using our drag and drop templates empowers your existing teams to build AR experiences in minutes.

Own Your Content

Allow multiple teams to review and iterate on creative before going live. You control the creative development and approval process from start to finish.

Mission Control

Build once and deploy across Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitch. With a click of a button, launch, pause or edit your camera campaigns.

Measure Your Business Objectives

Track and measure your campaigns in real-time and share wrap reports with your team. We aggregate engagement data from each platform to give you holistic performance metrics and actionable insights.

Trusted Partner

Tap into our team of marketing and creative AR experts. Whether you’re building your first camera campaign or scaling your camera marketing strategy, we can provide support for your business needs.