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Design rich AR experiences for Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and TikTok with the easiest design tool for brands — no technical skills required.

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Watch the Atlantic Records designers create AR effects using Camera IQ and launch to their artists’ social accounts quickly and easily—with no prior experience in AR creation.

Key features

Design like a pro

User-friendly and intuitive, build rich AR experiences with flexible editors and simple dropdown menus—no coding necessary.

Build together

Don’t design in a silo. Collaborate on AR projects across teams and save content to shared brand libraries.

Make an impact

Customize templates for key initiatives, like new releases, virtual try-ons, product launches, and more, to achieve business objectives.

Create with diversity in mind

Test projects in real-time with live web camera previews and compare across a range of models in-app.

Launch at scale

Launch AR experiences to brand accounts across all your customers’ favorite social channels in minutes.

Maximize performance

Optimize campaigns based on actionable reports and strategic insights from dedicated account strategists.

Customer testimonials


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“The AR experience we created with Camera IQ exceeded all expectations. We saw more engagement from the AR effect compared to traditional social posts.”

Georgia Parent

Senior Manager, Social Media at Away

“The new UI is super intuitive and extremely flexible. The ability to add 3D assets and manipulate them in a true 3D environment makes it possible to take our creative executions to the next level quickly and easily.”

Doug Wick

Content Design Director at Nestlé Purina North America

“I can’t believe how true it is to our actual product. Camera IQ allows me to accurately recreate a makeup try-on experience with AR — letting our customers experience how our makeup will actually appear on their skin.”

Jordan Specht

Brand Relations Manager at Dominique Cosmetics

“eCommerce is huge for us. All our artists have a web store. AR allows fans to discover and engage with their favorite artists on social media in a way that wouldn’t be possible with any other medium. AR experiences help us break new artists and drive merch sales.”

Dana Tandoi

Senior Manager, Interactive Design at Atlantic Records

“It’s incredibly easy. I can design a high-quality make-up look and quickly post and promote on our social channels without ever leaving the Camera IQ platform.”

Maddy Wilson

Global Content Strategy and Production, Consumer Engagement at Smashbox

What makes us unique?

Experience that will lead you into the metaverse

With 40+ combined years of experience building, learning and iterating in augmented reality for brands, we are helping to usher brands into the metaverse.

Values to live and design by

Inclusivity is part of who we are and how we design product. We prioritize diverse representation across our platform & uphold safe and healthy standards for AR.

Critical focus on empowering your organization

Unlike agencies and other platforms, we invest in education, training, strategy to make YOU experts and leaders in the space. Think: learning portal!

Mindset for Mobile First Experience

We cater to the next generation of consumers by making AR easily accessible and optimized for your audience while they're on the go.

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