Tools for a Camera-First World


Camera Experience Manager

Mission Control for your Camera Content

The Camera Experience Manager, our flagship product, makes it easy to leverage the power of Camera Marketing and unlock a new, direct relationship with your audience.


Our preloaded templates help you create augmented reality experiences (AREs) quickly. Upload 2D or 3D assets directly to your content library. Then create campaigns and experiences at will.


Our intuitive dashboard makes it simple to manage all of your campaigns from one central hub. Deploy your content across multiple channels, including native apps, Facebook’s cameras, and Snapchat, all 
with the click of a button.


The art of camera marketing thrives at the intersection of experience design and spatial analytics. We aggregate engagement data from each of your channels to give you a holistic understanding of your audience behavior and help meet them where they are.

Augmented Reality Experience Builder

Take your best assets to new places

Our library of Augmented Reality Experiences (AREs) allow you to leverage your existing repository of digital content in a whole new medium.

CIQ Camera Kit

Own your camera, own your audience

Our flexible CIQ Camera Kit enables brands to integrate and build their own camera into their application.

The camera is the direct-to-consumer holy grail where presence, focus, and participation collide. Our robust feature set allows you to build rich experiences and deepen relationships with your audiences.

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